2020 Scholarships

The talented graduates of  The BHS Class of 2020  have collectively received over $160,000 in local scholarships!  Recipients were selected on a variety of characteristics including academics, athletics, music, extracurricular activities, community service, financial need, obstacles overcome, and career pursuits.  Each recipient has a unique combination of skills, accomplishments and goals.   We are so proud to honor your hard work and dedication, and to celebrate these awards with you!  Congratulations!

Without the generosity of the local families and organizations who have donated their time and money in selecting these very deserving recipients, our local scholarship program would not be possible.  Each scholarship represents a new opportunity for a BHS graduate who is starting the next chapter of life.   In many cases, local families have chosen to honor a family member by creating and sustaining a scholarship award in his or her name.  These families have donated year after year to our BHS graduates, with the hope of keeping their loved one’s name and legacy alive.  Please honor these families by acknowledging that behind every check, there is a special person who once lived and still lives on through this very special Beverly tradition.

Click here to see a full list of scholarship recipients.