9th & 10th Grade Health Screenings

Dear Parents/ Guardians of 9th and 10th Grade Students,

This letter is to notify you that in the next few weeks, we are going to begin conducting the mandated yearly screenings for students in 9th and 10th grade only. These screenings are required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in these screenings, please send in a written note or email to the health office to let us know by March 8, 2024.

The 9th grade will be undergoing Scoliosis screenings only. If your child is already under care for scoliosis or you do not wish to have them screened then please feel free to notify us in writing in order to opt out.

The 10th grade class will undergo: Vision, Hearing, Height, and Weight screenings. Please remind your student to weatheir glasses/ corrective lenses for the screening. If your student is already under care for any of the health concerns that we are screening for (i.e hearing or vision), then please feel free to notify us and you may choose to opt out.

The nursing staff can be reached at the following emails:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]